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Here I am, unable to get away from roleplay!! If you played with me before and I dropped off around, like, Feb/March/April I’m extremely sorry! If you wanna get back in contact, feel free to! If not, totally cool. That said, my entire life is about video games and some miscellaneous thoughts, but…

Fanfiction: Binding Contract (FFVIII/FFX)

Finally finished the Squall-as-Yuna's-guardian fic! I've wanted to write this for so long. I can't believe I've got fics titled Warranty Terms, Tenancy Agreement and Binding Contract. Title: Binding Contract Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X Rating: PG-13 Pairing: slight…

FF7 mxm RP

Hi, all! I am looking for someone who is as obsessed with Final Fantasy 7 as I am and who would like to be a long-term rp partner of mine. Ever since I played the original game it’s been my number 1 fandom, and the remake is making me crave it again! About me: I’m a 30s f in the US (EST) and I…

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