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Let's Call It Hope.

In episode 3.01 of The 100, when Abby is asleep on the sofa in Kane's office, Kane says it's the first time she's slept in two days. How does he know? Have they stayed up for two days working together? Do they live together? It seems possible. (How do living arrangements work in Camp…

Procrastination Simulator.

Q: Riona, do you really have time to write mini-reviews of every game you've ever played? A: I absolutely don't. Q: And yet. A: And yet! Some of these are more just reminiscences than reviews, but I've said at least a line or two about every game. Possibly. I've almost certainly forgotten…

Fanfiction: Eclipsed (Final Fantasy XIII-2, Serah/Hope)

I'm not really satisfied with this fic, but someone had to write Serah/Hope, come on. (This is another fic I dusted off and finished six years after starting it, which may contribute to my uncertain feelings about it. I'm probably also uncertain because I'm still in full-on Life Is Strange 2…

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