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final fantasy

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Coming Home To Balamb Again.

I'm watching Tem play The Great Ace Attorney! We're very early in it - we're at the start of the second case and have just hit the first deduction sequence - but I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm absolutely outraged that this game killed Dr Watson Wilson in the first case and Kazuma…

Old Fanfiction Book Club: Trapped in the Game

A while back, I revisited and annotated my earliest fic, Rachel's Pokémon Journey, for a project I called Old Fanfiction Book Club. None of my other early fics were quite as ambitious as Rachel's Pokémon Journey, but I've got a few other embarrassing works of youthful fanfiction under my belt.…

A Search for Something Fandom Based

Hello all who stumble across this, and a happy belated New Years! With the new year starting, what better way to kick things off, than to possibly find someone new to write with? Perhaps we shall find one another! Hiya! I'm a twenty-something, who works and is trying to go to school on the side.…

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