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Dude, Where's My Cell Phone?

https://youtu.be/F3DITADghe0 Kenn and Bud try to solve an impossible mystery in "Dude, Where's My Cell Phone?" This sketch comedy video is similar in style to sketches you'd see on TV shows like Saturday Night Live. If you enjoyed this video, you'll also enjoy our short…


Неделю спустя после Московског снегопада удалсь поймать то настроение и цвет, который действительно получился, как и задумывал. Пленка пролежала в холодильнике с моей поездки в Японию на стажировку еще в 2017 году. Fuji Natura 1600/ Contax T2.

Not exactly a holiday movie

Christmas Eve, scrottie and I decided to watch the most recent DVD shipped in by Fish Catching Device-Movie Slang Term (oof, that's a tricky one to manage). It turned out to be A Separation, which I'd managed to completely forget was an Iranian film about divorce. I don't remember where and…

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