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  • kjn
  • 2 days ago

A Flower and a Hufflepuff, presented

The marvellous Moss Bliss presented my "A Flower and a Hufflepuff" at the recent GAFilk, and it was recorded! Crossposted from https://kjn.dreamwidth.org/80475.html. Please comment there.
  • kjn
  • 1 month ago

Three Legends of Tomorrow Filks

thette has been much more into TV series than books for a while now, and one of her favourites lately has been Legends of Tomorrow, which she appreciates partly through its sheer campiness. Then she showed me the ending of the season 3 finale with Beebo, leading to no less than three songs…
  • kjn
  • 1 month ago

We Want Much More Captain Marvel

Back in the 80s in Sweden, local music was lousy with earworms. One of middling ones was "Vi vill ha mera" ( Youtube) by Kenneth and the Knutters. Then kate_nepveu mentioned the catchphrase "higher further faster" for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, and how it left out the concluding…

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