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Godspeed, friend.

My long-time friend, Harold Stein ( hms42), has finally left us--for nothing, for the great filksing in the sky, for dreams beyond our knowing...but...he's dead. I'm...still processing. Harold...is difficult to describe. He was pleasant and friendly without ever really being charismatic,…
  • kjn
  • 2 months ago

Anglemark at TAFF

I haven't been posting many new filks lately. Partly because they've been one-offs, partly because I'm holding their publication because of $REASONS. However, this year's TAFF delegate was my friend Johan Anglemark, and he described assisting previous year's TAFF delegate John Purcell busking for…
  • kjn
  • 3 months ago

Scifistin malja

Back at Finncon, I managed to secure two copies of the Finnish fannish songbook Scifistin malja, roughly "Science fiction toast". It was first published in 2003, and included songs that were sung at dinner parties organised by Tutka, the science fiction and fantasy club of Turku University.…

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