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The Drunken Baby's Lullaby

The Drunken Baby’s Lullaby TTTO Mockingbird/Hush Little Baby (trad) Lyrics by Rob Wynne & TJ Burnside Clapp 2016   Hush little baby, don’t you fear Mama’s gonna buy you a nice cold beer And if that beer don’t taste so fine Mama’s gonna pour you a glass of wine   And if…

Some Old Doggerel

I recall having mangled a CSN tune many years ago on the way to Contraption. Like that convention, the particular co-worker whose code I was digging through and sorting out is also gone. Ah, well. When the project's months behind, You're debugging, know what you'll find. There's some code, not…

Dropping Out of Confusion

After further consideration and consulting with Gretchen and Sam, the latter of whom was going to go to Confusion with me to help with the table there, I've decided not to try to attend Confusion this January. It is just going to be too much work for too little reward overall. I will miss seeing…

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