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A Nightmare, A Memory

“I’m standing outside in the pouring rain. The fort of Aegistown looms behind me. Waves crash against the seawall. Before me I see a line of friends, family, lovers, and comrades. On their faces are expressions of disappointment, disgust, anger, shame, and apathy. My heart seizes in my chest as I…

Dark Samifer noncon fic

Title: “Wicked Word” Author: deerange aka Deeranger Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32511112 Pairing: Lucifer/Sam Winchester/OMCs Characters: Sam Winchester, Lucifer, OMCs, Dean Winchester Words: 27,335 Warnings: Noncon, spitroasting, hurt no comfort, smut,…

A Conversation

“I know it’s cold out, but I like driving with all the windows down now. I get claustrophobic. And I kind of like the cold, actually, and I know it won’t bother you. It gets a little loud on the highway, but I think we’re mostly sticking to backroads anyway. Would this feel less weird if I had a…

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