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Lavender's Iris - Part Two (part one just below)

"Hi, Lily," Lavender greeted her. "What's the surprise?" "Patience. Let's get to the fitting room..." "Why is there a massage table in here? Is that the surprise?" "It's part of it. Do you trust me, Lily?" "Of course I do. I said so, and otherwise I wouldn't have gotten naked in front of…

Story - "Lavender's Iris" - Part One

This was my entry in the 2018 Nextgen Fest. Title:Lavender's Iris Author: Lash_Larue Prompt:F3 by gracerene Pairing(s):Lily Luna Potter/ Lavender Brown Rating: PG13-M Word Count: 20k total Content/Warnings:Some swearing, sexual references Summary:Lily does some hard thinking before her…

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