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This made me twitch a bit

For all I know, this was actually promoting a perfectly okay book that I might even enjoy, but somehow I found it irksome: 'If you love historical novels about women who throw off the shackles of feminine convention' - - partly because it sounded a bit like all those books in which Our Heroine…

Wednesday feels that winter is coming

What I read Lara Elena Donnelly, Armistice (2018), which I found stronger in some respects than Amberlough and am now feeling very twitchy about waiting for the next volume. Joanna Chambers, Introducing Mr Winterbourne (2018) a v short v fluffy m/m romance - because I needed something fluffy…

Blue plaques and £50 notes

Recognising the lady-persons... I was about to post, it does not say much for your crying up of women writers who should have blue plaques when you can't even get the titles of their books right, but I see that this has now been corrected: This article was amended on 2 November 2018 to include…

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