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Doki Doki 歌星フェイト~ 💙

Another updated ver of Doki Doki fate with more Doki Doki added. this is star ocean anamnesis a game that I love and tonight it's going to close down this a memory of Doki Doki 歌星フェイト. Thank you 歌星フェイト for doing one last concert for the captain that loves you 💙 in the memory of スターオーシャン…

Doki Doki Idol fate 💙

This is a video I've made I might make a new ver of this video 💙 Doki Doki Idol fate we know that you love our captain. I love all the idol characters however my last gems went to Idol fate copy 😭 make me wish I put more money in this game before it shut down. And no I only got 1 copy of Idol…

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