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Farscape: Walking Higher

TITLE: Walking Higher FANDOM: Farscape RATED: G SUMMARY: “I am a Sun-Crichton. I cry in private.” NOTE: This isn’t necessarily D’Argo Sun-Crichton. I’m sure John and Aeryn ended up having more than one kid (3 isn’t such a scary number after all)…

National Theater Live and Other Things

The National Theater will be streaming free full-length plays every Thursday as part of National Theater at Home. The streamed plays can be accessed on the National Theater’s YouTube page National Theater at Home. Each play will be available for one week. Currently playing is Twelfth Night…

For Challenge 3 - Do you know your ABC's?

Art made for Challenge 3 at landofart Beneath cut is a variety of art in a variety of different fandoms. As always want/take/have and edit as you please. clickable A - Angelus - lovebar B - Bangel - wallpaper C - Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele - lovebar D - Dean…

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