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Club Vivid 2018: "Blow" (Farscape)

Title: Blow Source: Farscape Music: "Blow", Ke$ha Vid Download Link: Sendspace, 226.30MB AO3 link. Summary: This place's about to blow. Notes: A Club Vivid entry for Vividcon 2018. For the last Vividcon, I went back to my vidding roots and made a Farscape vid, for My Show, the show of…

Welcome To The Family

Title: Welcome To The Family Fandom: Farscape Characters/Pairing: Braca/Scorpius/Sikozu Rating: PG Word Count: 187 Summary: Braca has to learn to share. A/N: written for katiemariie for fandom_stocking Braca watched Scorpius and Sikozu through narrowed eyes. His commander, his master,…

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