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Farscape Fanfic Master List

Farscape Fanfic 13 in total A A Moment Of: Calm - http://teal-talitha.livejournal.com/5549.html Intensity - http://teal-talitha.livejournal.com/10261.html (Rated M) Hesitation - http://teal-talitha.livejournal.com/9986.html Snippets of life on Talyn. B Baby:…

Farscape: Restless

Title: Restless Author: livinginsmiles Fandom: Farscape Episode: Terra Firma. Knowledge of S3 is a must. Rated: G Summary: John Crichton, the one who had never had anything but conflict with his father, the one who had lost his virginity to Karen Shaw in the back of a truck, the one who…

A Moment of Hesitation

Title: A moment of hesitation Rated: PG Fandom: Farscape Spoilers: S3 T-John eps (GEM, Relativity, Meltdown, etc..) Disclaimer: John. Aeryn. Talyn. Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. Notes: Another snippet of life on Talyn. A sequel of sorts to 'A Moment of Calm' A MOMENT OF HESITATION…

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