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Fanime Con 2019 day 2

Saturday, May 25. Day 2 of Fanime Con Silver Celebration. Hirano Aya voice panel. Canna Nobutoshi voice panel. Music Fest. Anime Hell. Merchandise:

Fanime Con 2019 day 1

Friday, May 24. Day 1 of Fanime Con 2019. The official kickoff of the Silver Celebration of Fanime Con's 25th anniversary. Opening ceremonies was cool. Both Hirano Aya and Nobutoshi Canna were there. Beat Garden sent a video message. I'm not on staff again this year. I have not been on staff…

Fanime Con 2019 day 0

Thursday, 2019 May 23. Day 0 of Fanime Con. This is the Silver Celebration, the 25th anniversary of Fanime Con. Picked up pre-registration badge. Went to the swap meet and got some things. Used CDs and manga.

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