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I came up with an Ever After High and Monster H igh scrossover idea; courtesy of Peacock, where I am rewatching all the Monster High movies. I mean... the idea came before I began rewatching the movies, but whatever. As usual, I unapologetically stuck my favorite characters into the story. If…

Fic: Grotesque (Granada)

Author: methylviolet10b Rating: PG Universe: Granada Character(s): Sherlock Holmes, John Watson Summary: "How do you define the word ‘grotesque’?" Written for the second prompt of October Spooktacular 2020 over on Watson's Woes. Warnings: Not much plot. Holmes in a…

Broken Fic Links

So lj isn't the only thing that's drastically changed while I've been "gone." Gurabiteshiyon.net is totally gone (except for the entry page, weird af). AFF changed URL and anything I've direct-linked is going to have to be fixed. At least my stuff actually got migrated over without me doing…

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