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Fic: Written in the Mind, Part 4 (ACD AU)

Author: methylviolet10b Rating: PG Universe: ACD AU Character(s): John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Helen Stoner, Grimesby Roylott Summary: Holmes' most recent case forces Watson to contemplate his past, his ruined career, and his future. An AU retelling of The Adventure of the Speckled Band,…

[Bagian Tiga] My Sister's Ex-Boyfriend

Bagian Tiga: Rencana Pertunangan Gintoki tahu, suatu saat kabar itu akan didengarnya. Tetapi nyatanya, meski sudah menyiapkan hatinya, tetap saja—dia kembali patah  hati, untuk yang kedua kalinya. Sang ibu yang tidak  menyadari perubahan di wajah Gintoki sudah kembali sibuk dengan masakannya …

Fic: Morning Surprise

Title: Morning Surprise Author: bas_math_girl Characters: Ten/Donna Rating: R Word Count: 2399 Prompt: confession in desperate situation Summary: what’s a little body swap between friends? Disclaimer: if I get these characters for Christmas, they become officially mine! A/N:…

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