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Fic: Dancing With Dad

Title: Dancing With Dad Author: bas_math_girl Characters: Ten(John Smith)/Donna, Martha Jones, Jenny (Jenny Smith), Joan Redfern, OCs Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 2012 Word Prompt: family, kidnapped, cuddling Summary: Just after leaving Messaline, where Jenny regenerated into a…

Fic: Through Their Eyes, 3/5 (ACD AU)

Title: Through Their Eyes Chapter Title: A Researcher Rating: PG-13 Universe: ACD AU Characters: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, various others Word Count: 1,842 (this chapter) Summary: Watson is late. A seasonal treat and unexpected follow-up to last year's…

[Fateverse Side Story: NC Bundle] Finale

The Ringmaster: Chapter 13 of 13 The culmination of all efforts. To begin a story in medias res is to start in the middle. Warnings: Crossovers, fateverse, sci-fi, experimentation on prisoners. Pairing: Batjokes. Disclaimer: Recognizeable characters belong to DC/Marvel. Timeline: One…

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