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Fanfiction: Buried Alive (The 100)

This is extremely horrible; please take note of the warnings! Title: Buried Alive Fandom: The 100 Rating: R Wordcount: 1,000 Summary: Murphy, alone in the bunker. Warnings: Serious suicidal ideation, suicidal recklessness, non-explicit rape ideation. If Murphy’s being honest, he’s made…

Updates + new fics

Law school is a terrible time-suck, and I seriously do not recommend it. Ever. JUST SAY NO. Anyway. Belatedly, as usual, I'm posting about a couple of new fanfics I've posted to AO3 and SWG. Links and suchlike are below! Fever Teen | read at AO3 Maedhros has been rescued from Thangorodrim,…

Fic: The Proposition

Title: The Proposition Author: bas_math_girl Characters: Ten/Donna, TenII(Andy), Jenny, Sylvia Noble, Wilf Mott Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 1945 Summary: The Doctor is told by UNIT he must gain British citizenship or be deported. So, what does he do? Finds a wife… Disclaimer: I…

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