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Transformers Iacon Literature Fest 2019 Day 5: One Shot

Lullabies by Decepticonsensual Takes place after Transformers Prime ends; spoilers through "Deadlock", with potential spoilers for "Predacons Rising". Cybertron has been restored, and a new generation is growing up that has never known war. Everything seems perfect... but…

Transformers Iacon Literature Fest 2019 Day 4: Humour/Crack

I don't have so many of these in my bookmarks, apparently, but I dredged a couple up: Persistent Incompetence by MlleMusketeer Starscream has a crush. He deals with it badly. Why doesn't Megatron ever actually off Starscream? Well... Surprise by SunnySidesofBlue Prowl decides to stop…

Speirs/Roe - take what you can touch

Title: take what you can touch Rating: PG-13 for language and violence Characters/Pairings: Speirs/Roe Summary: Speirs runs through a battlefield and comes out the other side with more than his life. Disclaimer: not mine, obviously Notes: i ship them because every slasher is issued a tinhat and a…

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