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Like Tears In Rain - SGA / Blade runner fanfic

Title: Like Tears In Rain Author: Elaiel Rating: Teen Warnings: non-major character death, terminal illness (canon specific) Characters: Rodney McKay, Alternate Rodney McKay, John Sheppard Author's Notes: “So the simple answer,” Keller told them, “is he’s not…

Today did not go as I planned. One of these days, I am going to learn to turn down the heat before I go to bed. Okay, I don't know that that was the only reason I couldn't get to sleep until after 1000, but it was probably a factor. The end result was that at 1400, I recognize that there was no…

Fandom Meme

Snagged from spikedluv : Questions: What made you start writing fanfic? Do you think your style has changed over time? How so? Which of your own fanfics have you reread the most? Describe the differences between your first fanfic and your most recent fanfic. Do you think your style has…

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