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New Fic: Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday Fandom: Sense8 Rated: PG Category: Vignette. RajKalaGang, OT3, Angst, Established Relationship, Romance, Family. Time Frame: Post-series finale. Spoilers: Series finale. Word Count: 500. Summary: Some days, Rajan can’t win. But on others, he’s hall of fame…

Gotham (tv) - Pandora's box

Titre : Pandora's box Fandom : Gotham (tv) Rating : Explicite Genre : romance slash, fluff, hurt/comfort Personnages : Ed/Oswald Nombre de mots : 4404 Commentaire : Je précise : cette fic n'est PAS un ua, mais se passe dans un futur hypothétique. J'aimerais beaucoup écrire une suite, j'ai…

Marvel 616 Celebration Round-Up

Thank you to everyone who joined us for 616 Day 2018! You can check out all of the amazing works created for the celebration that were submitted to us in the round up below and in the capim616day tag on Tumblr. YOU CAN VIEW THE FULL MASTERLIST WITH ALL 616 CELEBRATION WORKS HERE ON…

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