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Me, looking upon the first page of one of the main pairing tags I check on AO3, where all but two fics are hidden by my AO3 Savior blacklists: Are my blacklisted tags/summaries/authors too expansive and aggressive? Me, after disabling my AO3 Savior script just to check: ...no. No, my blacklists…

sharing a post

I am noodling a super basic little bookmarklet to make it easier to signal-boost posts, and here is a post I wanted to share that I have used it on! :) doctorsidrat posted: thinking about comms I have some more thoughts re: communities. Specifically, there were a lot of comments wishing…

the taste you were forever chasing

The way things have been going lately, I should probably make some kind of nostalgia-inflected icon. Procrastinating to distract myself from stressful life things, as one does, I created a "series" for all my Yuletide stories going back to 2004 on the AO3, because I've been a little frustrated…

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