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kevin_standlee is horribly, horribly salty about the Discon III date change. Mostly because it might affect site selection for an upcoming WorldCon. Even though bids have already closed and there are two very, very well-established bids that have been out for years. I mean, I'm tangential to…

'What does Mizz mean?' she wondered.

I'm so tired of job applications. I just filled out a ~personality assessment~ that made no sense. Why are you asking me whether I'm more of a team player or more happy to work in fast-paced environments? Those two choices are not only not mutually exclusive they basically have nothing to do with…

Dragon Ball M/M long-term roleplay

Greetings! Some quick info about me - she/her, late 20's with over 10 years experience in roleplaying. I strictly write in past tense and third person, the lenght varies from a paragraph up to a few ones (200-600+ words depending on the scene). I use email to roleplay and chat OOC. My limits are…

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