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B.A.B.S. Con 2019 day 4

I did not go to day 3 of BABS Con 2019 because of work. But I went for a bit of the last day. I intended to get the BABS Con concept art book that Chocolate Pony made for 2017. It looks like an issue of the comic. But they sold out by then and the display copy was not for sale. I got a few other…

B.A.B.S. Con 2019 day 2

Saturday, April 20th 2019 Day 2 of the Bay Area Brony Spectacular. It's a big weekend. The San Francisco Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival and film festival continues. Sakura Con is happening in Seattle. Anime Boston is happening in Boston. Perfume is at Coachella. But I am here going to BABS…

B.A.B.S. Con 2019 day 1

The Bay Area Brony Spectacular or BAB Con</a> this weekend started today. I actually went today. I have not gone on a Friday before. The programing was lesser. The dealers room opening was delayed for a few hours due to a power issue. Spent some time in there once it finally opened. Need to…

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