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International Fanworks Day

1) Anyone else taking part in events? I'm not a fic writer, but I've been doing drabbles for the IFD challenges the past few years. Here's my latest. I've also pulled together some recs for Feedback Fest. 2) Although I commented on the recent political blackface scandals on the spur of the…

Preview time!

OK, guys, normally I try not to publish things which are this rough, but fuck it, it has been YEARS and I feel like I owe the six of you who are still hoping to read the rest of POM someday something. So here is the crappy first draft of Ch. 14, scene 1. (If you feel like leaving critical comments,…

It's fingerless gloves indoors day

1) We're exceeding the predictions but it's still plenty cold. Our balcony, full of late afternoon sun, says 10 degrees. The weather app says it's -5, and the prediction for today's high was -2. What really cemented the weather change was the behavior of our regular birdy visitors. 2) I made…

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