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fan art

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Walsibeth Sketch 🔞

I did a wee Walsibeth smutty sketch. It’s not explicit but still, naked people, so 🔞. ;) Walsibeth smut I did cheat a lil because I have no patience today so traced the rough outline then edited it to be Wals and Bess and drew/coloured the rest. It is from a GR film screencap…

Modern Walsibeth AU Sketches

Soooo... a modern AU Walsibeth plot bunny on the "coffee shop" theme was dropped in my head a few weeks ago, and my brain gorged itself on the idea. So a couple of scene sketches followed. Maybe one day I shall write an accompanying story, or expand on the series, but here are the doodles I did…

Fan art post! 🔞

I do keep forgetting to post updates here — my "Mea Culpa" fanfic is still an ongoing project. I have done a lot of work on it this year, but I never write in order so, though I feel like I've made a lot of progress, I've not got anything new to post yet! Sorry! I do tend to post updates on my…

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