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Hold Me

It's been a weird week. Got plenty done, started a new hobby, and home life is great. But I also got roasted on another social media platform for a mild opinion about CM, and generally feel very unsettled about where I'm going creatively. Like I said: WEIRD. So, when I'm feeling…

Kiss Me. Please.

Vacation art. Attempting-to-do-more-art art. Mourning-the-death-of-my-fandom art. Avoiding-writing art. Pretending-this-isn't-about-a-ship art. Oh-what-the-fuck art. Made in PowerPoint. Also, thanks so much for fucking with my photo uploader, LJ. Well done you >:\

Fan Art: A Good Morning

Oh hai, LJ, how have you been? On this Thanksgiving Monday, I am celebrating with a smutty, Criminal Minds comic page. Because that's how I roll and give thanks ;) The content is SUGGESTIVE, though not explicit. So, maybe not so safe for work viewing. Are you ready? Are you super-sure?…

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