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It's funny, even though I don't work outside the house, I don't like Monday mornings. I love spending the weekends with S, even though we didn't see her much this weekend because she was working. But Monday mornings when she gets up and goes to work it's the end of the weekend. I got into the…

A day late

But, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! We were in Central for a few days, to celebrate Adora and Lil's birthdays with the extended family, and got snowed in. It came in so hard and fast it knocked out everything, so that was a lot of fun. Hope you had a good day and Adora's making you a cake. (crossposted…

A Lady who Lunches

I had a lovely meal with my friends John and Ben this afternoon. We thought about going into Cardiff city centre but ended up just going a local pub. I had sausage, egg, chips and beans and two large doorstep slices of bread and butter. I hadn't seen the boys since the summer so we had a lovely…

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