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Subconscious Grief

I’m at your place. It’s not your place now, of course. Even in dreams, I know this. Still, we’re there to celebrate. The valley is all there. Remnants of your family and friends, some who moved away many years ago. Some I barely remember. I sneak away and walk toward my parents’ house. It’s not…


From my sister's journal: "I don't get why I have to rediscover everything at this point in life either. I knew myself more at eighteen in a lot of ways." At 23 years of age, my golden year I guess, I totally "thought" I knew myself. In my heart I've been 23 ever…

Once you leave home...

I was browsing my written rants this morning and found one that struck a chord I've been playing a lot lately. I think it is rough and bulky and needs some work, but it says what I want to say... UPDATE: Revised version (06/23/2003) follows God of Our Fathers “Once you leave home you…

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