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Two Families, Two Reactions

Situation: Son-in-Law gets back from Boot Camp. His family: Long, nobly worded paragraphs posted about how proud they are of him, how he has grown to be A Man, etc (insert Hallmark card sentiments here). Photos of flags against the sun, military men lined up in crisp lines. Our family: *weird…

Trying to get that boy Home

Egads, I swear they go out of their way to make things difficult in Boot Camp - even when they are on their way out the door. They had to get up at 4am, had graduation at 11, then had to literally run 2 miles to their barracks to get their luggage, then 2 miles back to catch the bus - and if they…

Hey Brother

Happy Birthday, old man. I got a balloon from my boss. Are you jealous? (crossposted from DW)

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