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Family Visits + Hot as Balls + Random

What a busy weekend… damn. One of mom’s bro’s (uncle Manny) from Canada came to visit with his wife (Aunt Gilda), daughter (Nancy) and her hubs (Walter)/kid (Emmanuel). Last time they were here, was last year for Nelson’s Wedding. With Diane having her baby, and them having today off, they…

post-Fourth of July

I'm back from spending July 4th with family and friends. Since Izzi-dog had bad anxiety with the (illegal) fireworks going off, Dad and I stayed inside with her and watched Logan on HBO On Demand. The fireworks going off around us really drowned out the what the characters were saying but I…

So... um. Let's try this again.

From now on all posts will be mirrored over at my DreamWidth given the shitty user policies that have been enacted here on LJ. I don't want to completely abandon LJ, though, since I still have a permanent account and over a decade of my adult life is here. I really do want to try and post here…

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