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08.09.1947 - 02.06.2010

Сегодня ночью не стало отца. А завтра толстая корочка обложки книги его жизни с сухим шелестом накроет последнюю страницу шестидесятидвухлетнего романа. Он пережил маму почти на три года без двадцати шести дней. Покойся с миром...

This year is no fun

I can't see my kids. I can't see my grandkids. I can't even see my not-kids. I can't see the rest of my family. I can't even go back to work, next week. I'M BORED. (crossposted from DW)

Life Update

I haven't really written in a couple of months. One would think, that working from home, I'd have plenty of time to set aside and scribble some entries but that has clearly not been the case. So yeah ... we were officially sent to 'work from home' back in late March/early April…

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