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I feel like I ought to seize the moment...

I've spent a lot of this summer so far feeling crappy and angry at myself, but I don't feel like that right this second, so I thought I might do something zany and post an entry on LiveJournal (uh, and Dreamwidth, which I still don't really believe in). My reasons for being proud of myself are…

THIS IS the show - UPDATE

21:05 PM - It's just after 9 PM on Saturday evening, and I am at least three full episodes behind schedule towards being through season 1 of THIS IS US by Tuesday night's Season 2 premier. We've had a bit of a busy day, today; and I took a three hour nap this afternoon. Time that I had meant to…

Stolen from FB - 25 Quick Questions

01. Favorite smells? A woman's perfume mixed with a hint of cigarette smoke. • The way a woman's skin smells when she is wearing makeup. • My wife's hair, after her shower. • The smell of finished leather. • Sawdust, right after a pine board is cut. • Hair dye.…

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