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New record!

22:39! WOOOOO Also I was a solo (I always am since I don't fight) against a team of 3. See that tiny little white circle, and the slightly larger yellowish circle around it? That's how far down the map was. I watched and it's both scary and hilarious to see people running right past you…

52 Weeks prompt #6: Romance

I'd hoped the site would be back up by now, but it isn't, so, some days later than I intended to post it, is 52 Weeks prompt #6: Romance. Viva New Vegas, Gunnar/Arcade, SFW. Probably the same night as Prompt #3, Hurt/Comfort, after Arcade has gone back to work and returned later, but can stand…

My gift exchange came in! A "junk" journal

This is from the craft exchange in homemade2homemade. The maker dirtygreatknife made me an absolutely beautiful art journal with themes of Fallout, postcards, and seagulls. It is 120 pages and I am totally in love with it and amazed and delighted. This entry was originally posted…

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