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The Otherworld, The Underworld, The Sidhe

Otherworld Map </p> The Otherworld From the dawn of religious thought there has been belief in an Underworld and/or an Otherworld. A place were we are trapped when we die disturbed or without resolution that sits upon our world, sometimes referred to as Limbo, Hades, The Waiting…


GWYN AP NUDD The ruler of the Welsh Fae or the “Tylwyth Teg” (Fair Folk) is Gwyn ap Nudd. He is also the King of the Dead, a sombre looking male who often is accompanied by an owl. He rules over a Middle Earth kingdom, beneath the Earth that is believed to be entered via the Welsh…

The White Spring of Glastonbury

White Spring ~ Wellhouse Lane, Glastonbury, England BA6 8BL, UK +44 7340 288392 * https://www.whitespring.org.uk/ ~ Official Article: http://www.technogypsie.com/naiads/?p=4373 While backpacking Europe during the Summer of 2011 this was one of my favorite sacred spaces to visit,…

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