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Diet Stress... I Hafta Avoid Diet Stress...

How you gonna expect somebody to love you if you don’t love yourself?” - RuPaul Man, last night I did a diet no no. Tasha told me never to weigh myself before Sunday cuz I won’t like what I see. Now, this was WAY back at the beginning of my diet. Also, WAY back somewhere in my…

A Request of Runners in Pandemic Times

Living in an urban area I, like many, exercise in the park. I was doing so before the pandemic started and I have continued. My local park is big and beautiful and is seeing a higher level of use now that the gyms are closed. It feels safe and reasonable except for one thing: the runners who…

"The Screw Shoe"

For Running on Packed Snow and Ice! http://skyrunner.com/screwshoe.htm Simply screw sheet-metal screws, the type with raised edges on their heads, to the bottoms of your shoes. I found that 0.5" screws were not too long, if placed out-of-the way of my toes, etc. Maybe you can find (3/8)"…

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