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How Sarah got her wings

Last night I had a Freudian nightmare where I was swallowed alive by a whale. In another dream, I was shopping for a tiny funeral casket for my dead pet guinea pig. He was put to sleep because of a brain tumor in 2003, and I am still not over his death. I woke up early, but continued sleeping.…

Another fun day :)

Yesterday I spent most of the day inside, watching walkthrough videos of the video game Silent Hill: Downpour on YouTube. Suavecita came to visit us, we had a good time together. They and Eleclya went to see the movie The Nun. I only went out to buy a jug of milk and two pieces of fruit. Last…


My new bracelet Mmmm yummy chocolate! My new knitwork. It's orange, pink, grayish blue and bright blue

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