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Essays: Driving and Crying

Driving and Crying Driving and crying at the same time is not recommended. Especially on the Beltway. Crying and driving on 95 isn't quite as bad--I know that road like the back of my hand, and it's a straight shot up to B-more. But the DC Beltway is too curvy, twisty and tears make all the…

Essays: Blessing

1:15 a.m. Mom rings the bell. The mask has slipped and the plastic was covering her mouth. I readjust the mask and tighten the straps. I rub her should gently while she takes deep breaths and move her mouth around, trying to see if the mask will stay in place this time. It looks like it's stable,…

Essays: A Night in the Life of

Ativan and Restoril on board, an egg nog with more rum tham anything else, but she still can't get to sleep. Tears slip from the corner of her eyes as I get things ready to put on the full face mask. I get the foam in place, and the straps ready. I apply the glue to her face, and then to the mask,…

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