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Speaking of ASMR stimulus, I have found listening to Halloween records a most apropos application. Whether for meditation and/or dreamscapes, psychological exercise & relaxation, stress relief, etc., selections like Demons & Dementia, Classics From The Crypt, Horror Sounds of The Night,…

Skintimate secrets & Devil's marks

S A T A N A S U T R A S E R M O N Upon contemplation of an ECI, when imagining what they would look like naked, the shade and circumference of areolas, scent, the natural or trimmed design of their pubic hair, etc. At some point considering the notion of what sintimate regions would…

☠ Brody Curse

Nefarious anniversary. Factoids: Malediction cast upon Brody. LaVey warned her to keep distance. Wig detached, not decapitated. Note kids unharmed. * Related: The Jayne Mansfield Story

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