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Almost Autumn Asks

🍁 What is your favorite Autumn hobby? (Or one you’d like to have) Girls dressed in sexy Halloween costumes, Me dressed like The Devil, each partaking in the delights of the flesh! Halloween Orgy! 🍺What is your favorite fall drink? (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic) Hallownog! Perhaps with a bit…

"All Right On The Night" by Jo Nation

Every Wednesday Fenella travels on the Number 42 bus to clean George Hawker's apartment, which is contained within a brand new, sparkling edifice called The Foundry. George is always out at work when Fenella calls, so she has plenty of opportunity to explore the apartment on her own. She isn't…

Ultimate Submission

book cover Ultimate Xcite, Book 7 Stories by Beverly Langland, Emily Dubberley, Virginia Beech, Andrea Carver, Cathryn Cooper, Izzy French, Shanna Germain, Everica May, Penelope Friday, Dolores Day, Stephen Albrow, Jo Nation, Mimi Elise, Matt Pascoe, DMW Carol, Landon Dixon, Roger Frank Selby,…

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