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S EASONS I N H ELL {In observation of Lupercalia, I offer this a bloody tale about a family of werewolves, an archetype of elite predation, and a 'battle' between those who fear them}. BLOODFEAST The moon is full as the blue clouds part in the night Looking down upon Me with its…

Mistress Day by Lacey Layton

book cover Marilyn is feeling alone. Today she has no one to play with, no one to fall to her feet. Until an unexpected gift in the form of a young, strapping man shows up at her door. His wishes, his deep desires are exactly what she needs. She uses his cravings and her sensuality to bring…

FemDom Collection Volume One by Lacey Layton

book cover An irresistible collection of deviant dommes and strong women who no man can resist. Included for your private viewing is: "Paying for the refund" Clark learns that it's not wise to take advantage of a Hypno Dommes good graces when he asks for a refund too many . . . "On Your…

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