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5 Ways of Not Knowing What You Really Wanted

It’s commonplace that we often fail to know our own desires. But exactly what is going on in these cases? Here are five cases in which someone might say she didn’t know what she really wanted. These cases have slightly different explanations, but several of them involve positing a kind of structure…

Meno Problems

Meno famously asks Socrates how he can seek knowledge of virtue if he does not already know what it is. How, in fact, can we look for anything if we do not already know what it is?—as we do when we solve for x, or look up a word to learn how to spell it. Meno is suggesting that the whole…

Transformative Self-Knowledge, II

(Trying to get things sorted out in my head before classes start Wednesday.) There are two central questions about transformative self-knowledge, one of which is a puzzle. The first is, what does self-knowledge that is transformative need to be about? Most of the literature on self-knowledge…

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