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French vs English and *nix vs DOS

My impression of French is that it makes English look like a toy language, in much the same way that Unix, or it's *nix variants, make DOS look like a toy OS (Operating System). However, MS-Windows has built a much more user friendly OS, that windowed versions of Linux haven't matched. I…

Website section title

Hello friendly linguaphiles! I'm trying to come up with a title for a website section. The section will list some of the work that an artist was commissioned, or that was used somewhere commercially. It could be artwork for digital media, or for printed products, such as books. The key point…


день отрытых вепрей скаредь-самобранка(?) ксёндзофобия И о лице мэрии... совримемный перед лицом общего враля мартеновские плечи гомо взапертиус Пескарёво (Pescadero, CA) Всяк кулик своё болото хулит. паллиативная адвокатура иплатека/иплачека утопства (во дворе) негаешная известь сеанс…

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