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Hooray! Or, Hoorah!, depending

I have landline dial tone! My answering machine works, too! I won't go through it blow by blow, but I didn't get an email notice so I freaked out and called CL. I tried various ways... and it took a half hour for me to find someone who could say yes, they see the ticket, I'm still on the list for…

Yes, twice (though you'd never know it)

This is my second visit to DBs this morning; the first was at 7:30. You see, in the middle of the night I remembered that catalog edits at work were due "March 31". That's not a work day, of course, so I can submit them tomorrow. However, I started worrying about it, and even thought about going…

one Easter weekend

As I might have mentioned before, when I was 19 I spent a spring in London with about 15 other students. We stayed in a wacky hotel in the Crystal Palace area (it's still wacky! very bad online ratings!) - I never know what to call the area .. Gipsy Hill.. Upper Norwood.... Four of us decided to…

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