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Думай, что ты постишь, а не то мы придем к тебе

Британская полиция открыто угрожает пользователям социальных сетей: Kudos to the UK police, who won’t let all that unsolved violent crime get in the way of their ongoing crusade to eradicate bad words. 👮‍♂️✊️ pic.twitter.com/rwoTMljG8e— Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) December 12, 2018…

everything's connected

I have a slight headache this afternoon, and the cause is obvious: too much coffee on top of seasonal tension (work, not the holidays). A headache that make my teeth hurt slightly.. it's all connected. "With Merrick, everything's connected." Stop me or The Jewel in the Crown quotes will gush…

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