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Unexpected New Ability: Long Distance Detection At 'D*pression'

This is an unexpected time, and an unexpected era. Instead of this Infiniversal Routing Trial just being over, and me giddily stuffing my face with every food / sweet treat / snack in sight......with best friends / dearest friends that art family nearby all the while, I am trudging through…

Empathic Foot Massage.....

(*Blushes beet red*). (*Feels blushful glowing for all nails as blushfully covered face*). Okay.... . Here's today's event report (*gulps*). (*Exhales in a swooned...and mind-blown manner*). -------------------------------- ------------------------------------- So after midnight, way…

C*lestial Maiden Starry Kiss Event....

While not to an extent of events from last week, I either had a prolonged downtime for reforming the infrastructure of this plane, or struggled to make it back? That.......earlier today? I was stuck perceiving tidbits of information / items / equipment from III drcades, and trying to scheme ways…

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