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Poem - 12

You can fly me to the moon and back You can trap me in your heart attacks You can turn my tears to broken glass You can make my jetset lifestyle crash But nothing you can ever be Will replace what you took from me The wind was her friend and the stars were her home She lived in a coma and slept…

life is shit anyways

god. i fucking forgot i had this. well anyways. might as well utilize it. my friends are probably tired of me venting to them all the time anyways so i might as well y'know. post on here. i don't think anyone uses livejournal but me anymore, but who really cares, y'know? my dad's still a piece of…

the new sick

the stars heavy with despair, strangers brought to rest, "lower sails drop anchor" as children. the pendulum of a recovering darkness some hope of rescue maybe help maybe maybe maybe- clatter of anchor chains the new sick

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