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Satanism encourages self-exploration on every level of being, recognizing, analyzing, filtering, enhancing, & modifying, so following is part of the construction comprising the "monster"; although multimedia genre preferences in literature, discography, filmography, and artistry are varied, this…

Master of The Dark!

R EIGN I N H ELL When the moon is drained of all its light... Vincent Talbot just wants to possess that "recipe book" from Elvira {not unlike Corbis}, which belonged to her Great Aunt Morgana, which is actually her Book of Spells! With the questionable aid of his two bumbling…

Rose Parade droops

I do not normally watch parades, with scarce exceptions. However, on occasion, there's something about the pomp and circumstance, & the celebration of decadence combined with a mug of Jack Daniel's eggnog, or a cup of cloven coffee, moist fruit cake or briquettes, &/or a large chocolate…

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