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elijah wood

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It's been a while since I posted anything new, but nevertheless that isn't to say that I don't have anything left to post. I've got a few fakes in the final stages of completion, as well as some I've posted onto my tumblr, but not on my livejournal yet. In the meantime though,…

A little while back I made a post of some old, mostly half-finished fakes/manips that I had either abandoned before they were completed, or I had lost the .PSD files for in the disasterous great computer changeover of 2010 where I lost a lot of my stuff. I figured there's still more of these…

A journey to the past...

Though there are a few entries posted here on this journal, I have been making manips for years now. It is only fair that I start sharing my past works with those of you who have been unlucky enough to miss out on them in the past. In this entry you will find six Elijah Wood manips (of which…

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