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The final episode of Elementary--say it isn't so!!

I will miss this excellent show filled with great mysteries, clever banter, superb partnerships and one of the best Holmes/Watson friendships ever shown. I do wish Jamie Moriarty had gotten to make one more appearance but I was pleased that she was still a presence in Sherlock and Joan's…

Elementary 7.13 "Their Last Bow"

Elementary 7.13 "Their Last Bow" I mean, the ep HAD to be about Moriarty, but damn, wouldn't it have been great if they actually brought her back? My one real wish, never to be realized. Boo. But the episode was otherwise delightful, spanning multiple time jumps, a nod to all the characters…

Elementary 7.12 "Reichenbach Falls"

All caught up for this week's series finale. Elementary 7.12 "Reichenbach Falls" I wish Sherlock faking his own death was more clever. It all just felt rote and obvious. And cruel to Marcus and Gregson. But I suppose that's baked in. For some reason, the exposition dumps in this one felt…

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