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Binge watching TV--WOO HOO!

I am catching up on all of my favorite shows and thus far, I am caught up on Elementary, Sleepy Hollow and Supernatural. 1. Sleepy Hollow: I like that the Ichabod/Abbie partnership is as strong as ever, but I am getting a bit sick of Katrina's insistence that there is still good in Henry…

Awesomeness: I'm binge watching my shows :):)

This is damn fun: I've finished binge watching a slew of my favorite TV shows. Now, I still need to catch up on Sleepy Hollow, but I have now caught up on Elementary, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and The Blacklist, and I must comment: Elementary: I love my Joan/Sherlock friendship and…

The final episode of Elementary--say it isn't so!!

I will miss this excellent show filled with great mysteries, clever banter, superb partnerships and one of the best Holmes/Watson friendships ever shown. I do wish Jamie Moriarty had gotten to make one more appearance but I was pleased that she was still a presence in Sherlock and Joan's…

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