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Lyrics: Endless Melancholy

I can't do this on my own, I can't do this all alone Am I justifying? Everything went wrong, for far too long All those nights we shared, all those days we stared I was there with you, felt our love it grew I never knew I could live, a single day without you how did you find me dear? You…

Lyrics: I'm Nothing

You want to question all my dreams? You're not as cold as it may seem well I've been cruising down this road, I must be blind, I'm getting old I searched this path, omen of death, I'm clearing drawing heaven's breath I've gotta lot to lose, so honey, sing the blues A steady…

Lyrics: Cyberpunk

Through all this private yearning, our war keeps marching on suppressed, no room for learning, our souls are nearly gone insulted, we're the heathens, religion has no place a phony God commands you, an empty pledge of grace we have to go out and do something why is it that we have elected a…

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