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Well, so I took out a fic I've been wanting to post for a while now, and realized that part of the problem is, again, where it starts. So for the second version, I removed 5 1/2 pages, 2703 words. For the third, I'm removing four pages and 1513 words. That's a LOT that is going by the wayside. I…

I need beta reader for a couple of fics.

Mostly, I just need to know nothing is left out, that I have things under control. They're not in the best condition, but i want to post them, and I need someone to make sure all the promises are kept and the endings make sense. Both are, of course, Kpop, and both are old. In fact, all of the…

A collection of random thoughts

It has been dead around here, because I have one child. The other two are off to camp, and I hope they are having fun and not dying of heat. It's HOT here, and more humid than we're used to. So when the AC went out in the car, I went "NOPE" and took it in. Long story short, the compression unit…

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