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Книги февраля. Моя подборка нонфикшна для Forbes Russia

В февральской подборке нонфикшна для Forbes я решил рассмотреть новые книги на вечно актуальные темы: как относительно нечестно выигрывать выборы (мировые ноу-хау в манипуляции выборами и солидный в них вклад России); как устроены международные системы откатов (мы там тоже есть, но…

Harder lessons; advanced curricula

It feels as though the low-hanging fruit of self-improvement/discovery have all been picked. Now the lessons are larger and much more painful - equivalent to the more epochal movements in my youth. Decades of intimacy does not provide the kind of prognosticative abilities one would expect,…

QotD: We (Americans) are Spoiled

Even those too lazy to vote feel it their birthright to blast our elected representatives from every direction. We complain bitterly when we do not get all we want as if it were possible to have more services with lower taxes, broader health care coverage with no federal involvement, a cleaner…

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