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Lyrics: Cyberpunk

Through all this private yearning, our war keeps marching on suppressed, no room for learning, our souls are nearly gone insulted, we're the heathens, religion has no place a phony God commands you, an empty pledge of grace we have to go out and do something why is it that we have elected a…

Lyrics: Trapped in Your Mind

Something is wrong with the way that we live, we're stuck in a system, it's hard to forgive we see separation, and lack of regret, the same old routines, can't you see there's a threat? a grand misconception, a vast self-deception All of your life, you wanted more, studied the…

Lyrics: Pleasure & Movies

Sea of madness, waves of sadness, I will live of my accord, are we sleeping? Conscious weeping, empty praise from the holy Lord, love is careless, free to cherish, singing songs with an open heart, so inviting, it's exciting, twisting words from the very start Her wide open eyes, loves to…

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