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Caught Up for a Change

My professor was annoyed that I waited to today to talk to her about the items that I got wrong on the test, when today was the deadline for reworking the problems. However, I thought that she'd go over the test in class on Tuesday (she didn't), and I contacted her on Tuesday night. I was kind of…

A Cleaning Win

So much for getting up early. I got up just in time to take a shower before work. But I got some good rest. I found a luggage set that I want to get. You pay it off in installments, and you are probably paying more than if you paid it off all at once, but they have to make money somehow. I've…

Boiling part 1

My credit card is missing. I used it today (Saturday) online, so it has to be here somewhere, but I don't know where. The Butter Chicken was pretty good. Maybe a little too spicy. I need to get more ice cream because I like to eat ice cream after spicy food. I made way too much rice, but it…

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