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Scorpion season 4 - disc 3

The four eps on this disc got better from ‘It’s Raining Men of War’, to ‘Crime Every Mountain’ to ‘Who Let The Dog Out (Cause Now It’s Stuck in a Cistern’ and ‘A Christmas Car-roll’. I overall liked ‘It’s Raining Men of War’, but Cabe’s therapy breakthrough didn’t do much for me – it’s one more…

Mulan review

I finally saw it! It’s unavoidable that I would have preferred to see it on a big screen, but I couldn’t, but at least I got to see it and it stirred up ‘girls with swords’ and wushu feels.Having said that, I don’t think it’s my platonic ideal version of the…

Film rec

I watched ‘Promising Young Woman’ on DVD the other night, and it was even better than I expected, given all the award-bothering.The script!!! It’s described as a female revenge thriller (it’s also a black comedy and a psychological study), and while that female perspective…

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