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Fast-talking shows

After the whole ‘wait, this is your finale?’ thing with Scorpion, I looked to see what was next in my DVD boxset pile, and it’s Gilmore Girls season 5. (‘Stars Hollow sounds like just the sort of place I want to be mentally, I thought.’) So, I rewatched the last two…

Oh, Scorpion, what have you done to me?

This is how far behind I am on writing up my reaction posts (see below), I watched the final episode of season 4 last night, and without getting into any detail, I was gutted, because being the spoilerphobe I am, I’d taken the fact that the fourth season DVD is described as ‘The Final…

Scorpion season 3 - disc 3

‘Motherboard’ is a little more like it than the previous episodes. Paige is all het up about them all celebrating Thanksgiving together while freaking out about Walter and Tim having become ‘Wally and Timbo’ now. Sly was making me go ‘Oh, darling, no’ by…

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