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Extremely difficult.

Everything right now. Everything previously occurring continues. Some increasing, some on the wane. Added some because I'm that smart. Another short and exciting storm the other night, lighting flashes and sideways rain. Cat sulking because I took him to the vet. At least he got to see mommy…

I'm procrastinating

I should write, a lot has gone on. I appear to be procrastinating. This is possibly the 8th or 9th attempt by the council over the last year to try and fix the water leaking onto the road at the bottom of the hill. This is, however, the first time I remember jackhammering at 10:30 at night. it's…

Nazikunt On Semispeed

I am *so* fucking pissed off by the system right now. You know...until today, I only had a vague goal to discuss alternatives to ritalin / methylphenidate with my shrink, because a) my meds do not work consistently by FAR and b) I just so happen to know that "clean" amphetamines have fewer side…

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