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Why don't you use your imagination

" I Thought I Knew My Boyfriend, Then I Met His Work Persona" This sweet summer child somehow didn't know about this. Somehow. And was somehow offended this work persona existed. I have never been completely myself on the job, and I don't personally know anyone who has. (The author mentions…

In the Car in the City

I've been very cautious using my car since May but really wanted to see Manhattan, something I haven't done since mid-March, so off I went. Over the Queensboro Bridge to Bergdorf Goodman and down Fifth Avenue to Saks and a run through Times Square and an attempt to see Kleinfeld Bridal that was…

update on the holly thing

so since the other day wen she said she still loved me, i have been pretty unsure about it myself. like, i havent wanted to let myself get my hopes up, only to have things w/ her change again and get crushed...again and it had rly been bothering me, and i havent been able to c her much...till…

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