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update on the holly thing

so since the other day wen she said she still loved me, i have been pretty unsure about it myself. like, i havent wanted to let myself get my hopes up, only to have things w/ her change again and get crushed...again and it had rly been bothering me, and i havent been able to c her much...till…

Here It Comes Again (Still, Perpetually)

Usually this time of year I'd be enjoying my night walks, but it. just. keeps. raining. We still haven't had 24 hours without some rain in months. At the moment it may not literally be raining anymore but it's misting, which gets me even more wet and puffs up my hair just as well and possibly…

The Grind Gets More Grinding

So, congestion pricing passed as part of my state's budget. No details on how and when and how much has been stated yet, making the approval feel bass-ackwards to me, but I don't get to make the rules. Can you get charged twice in one day if you drive through to get to New Jersey and then back…

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