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I had a birthday party I had to go to suddenly this evening. I knew it was occurring, but I wasn't given the time or place, so I was thinking I had gotten out of it. (bad me) But the information was supplied, and I went. But I have fun with them, so it's not the being there, it's the leaving my…


14 Who was your very first best friend? Are you still in contact or communication with them? I'm going to go with Todd. His family and my family were very good friends, and he was a year younger than me. We were friends until we moved away when I was 8. We still stayed in occasional contact with…

Two questions.

Got distracted by fanfic (I know, no surprise there) last night and didn't do the question. So, #6 Tell about an “Aha!” moment you’ve had. I do have these on occasion. The last one was last week. I was riding, thinking about everything I had to do to help us work the way we need to, and realized…

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