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Life couldn't be sweeter

Last night, after me and Mirette came home from the movies, I stayed awake all the way to half past midnight with the power of coffee. I washed two loads of laundry and fixed the curtains that were hanging from the railings, and then I inflated the mattress so I could sleep on it. After Eleclya…

[ dreams ] maze

On a Met Line train to Watford at some unconscionable time. Dreams: they are now beginning to fade, but I was trying to find my way back to my hotel, where I was due to meet my cousin. The problem was, I'd gone out for a walk on my arrival there after leaving my things in my room and promptly got…

Have a happy Halloween!

Last night I had the most reoccurring dreams; places in my home town being replaced with awesomely beautiful landscapes with lots of ice cream shops; geocaching in the neighborhood near my childhood home; and a Doctor Who episode where the 10th Doctor and Martha Jones end up on a snowy continent…

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