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Terror In Waiting

Finally this is finished. My latest drawing of Scary Fear. It took me way too long to do. Was supposed to be a simple piece. Yeah right. There are no simple pieces when it comes to my art. Fear is ready for a night of stalking. He sits on a power pole at the top of a mountain and looks down on…

Scary Boy Art

New drawing. Just a quick and simple drawing of Fear in time for the end of last month. I did a very basic shading job, easy background and just didn't go all out on him. Just wanted to get something that looked nice and woudln't take me two days or more to complete. Now it is June 1st. It's…

SPN_bigpretzel art post

For the spn_bigpretzel spring exchange, and for theymp's fun fic Adventures in Washing Machines - I mean, how could I resist a prompt that offered me Sam in denim cutoffs? Poor Dean... LOL! Fic link HERE! I did a pencil sketch based on Jared's real legs (fully clothed, sadly)…

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