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Yet More H/W Piccage

OK, so Spike asked me to do That Scene from The Adventure of the Devil's Foot. I try not to accept requests, as saying 'OK' tends to doom my drawing urge, so instead I just sneaked off and drew it. The resulting pic isn't quite what I would have liked, but I know when to (gently)…

Spacefall tackles The Holmes/Watson Snog and survives (sort of)

The snog is not a subject I am particularly good at drawing. The angles are all funny, noses get in the way, previously docile chins become major pitfalls, and once you throw in a moustache the entire thing becomes a farce. Some of the above may apply to real life, but that is somewhat outside the…

NaArMaMo Day 30: Holmes/Watson scritches

At last, I managed to get out of my drawing wangst, and have therefore spent all my awake for the last day on h/w. This pic is really stretching the boundaries of 'daily' as a) It's really a second attempt at an idea I had earlier and abandoned (don't think I posted the WIP), and b)…

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