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Had the first lesson of my beginners' drawing course last night. We had to draw a bottle in pencil. I think mine came out sort of okay. I'll post a scan at some point, but I'm hosting an Unquendor inn tomorrow, so I have to tidy the house a tiny bit, and go through my text and notes one last time…

Looking at last year's not-resolutions for the year, overall I did reasonably well, though not so well that I cannot repeat the list for the coming year, so: spend less on new, shiny 3D content, make more use of what I have further improve my Blender 3D skills (this is still a good way…

Drawing - curves & folds study

My latest drawing book is about the way surfaces fold. I've only just started reading it but was inspired to try some of the ideas. This pose is so good — its demure and sexy but strong too. This took a couple of hours due to the amount of shading. The pic is a bit over exposed at the top…

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