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Drawing - nude woman with nice smile.

This is a big (for me) picture I drew it on an A2 sheet so its about 10" high, I couldn't get it in the scanner so her legs are cut off at the knees. Also took a while — 4 hours over two nights. She is kneeling and I thought it a lovely pose. You can see bits where either the pencil got blunt and…

Last week's drawing lesson we could pick one of several options. I picked character drawing. This week was the first half of the final assignment - making a copy of (part of) a painting, material and subject our choice. I chose Alma-Tadema's ' A Coign of Vantage' and soft pastel. And…


Three women from the group I sing with, All sopranos. Three different age groups. 4x, 5x, 6x, hair, brown, darker blonde and lighter blonde. Lots of nice contrasts in the picture. Based on a candid snap I took when they were all listening to someone talk. So very relaxed…

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