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Why I Could Take Up Drinking Full Time...

In the last 12 months: while many are good, things still add to stress levels Bought first home- April 2010 Moved- April 2010 Transferred to new department at work- October 2009 Began training new employee- August 2010 Took on new projects at work- June 2010 Last two classes on MBA, done October…

Anger vs Rage

I am not perfect, far from it, but daily I try to reach that echelon of self-actualization. There are a few moments on the occasional days when I think I have reached that level, and then I have to get out of bed! I do not make my bed unless I have just changed the sheets. I have been known to cuss…

From Awhile Back

This was from about a week ago… Peanut has had vomiting and fever for a few days now. I think that anytime I have to get him the DpT vaccination I run through a round of this stomach flu like bug. I know that 1 in 50 children get vomiting with this shot, but this is a little ridiculous. To…

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