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dr. who

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Help to get back to writing

Copied from facebook, denied posting this on reddit (I know my flist here know all about my daughter BK and how I used to write for her. Link to my AO3 dashboard will be below. Help/cheerleading/support/encouragement/kick up the bottom to write again needed please. (I hope mods allow?) Long story…

Scifiangel In My Dreams (Jack/Doctor) [Adult-NSFW]

Title: In My Dreams Author/Artist: Scifiangel Beta: jer832 Series: Doctor Who Pairing: Jack/Un-named Doctor Rating: Adult Warnings and Spoilers: Naked male butt manip. A little angsty at the end. Disclaimer: I don't own our lovely boys. They belong to the BBC. I make no money…

Updated Fanfic List

I've updated my Fanfiction sticky post if anyone wants to take a look. I've added quite a few Doctor Who stories I've written. They're all Classic Doctor Who stories (except for one which includes the 12th Doctor but it has Classic Who companions). All but one are complete so no…

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