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Site Information Post

So tonight I discovered, that for some reason my wordpress sites are not showing up in Bing search engine. They do still show up if you use google's search engine. 0_o So I am making an info post to give ya'll the direct links to the various sites. i have not deleted ANY of them. The Valkyrie…

A 29 Doujinshi Book Haul!

What arrived in two seperate shipments this week. One box was over five pounds! :O And I still have about 18 more books still waiting to arrive to my proxy in Japan...! This time around was Fire Emblem Three Houses stuff (And yes, that thick one on top is the 390 page R18 anthology for the…

Moving off LJ

Just wanted to let you know that Yaoi-Sei is now officially moving off LJ (even though this might change again in the future). As mentioned before, all new scans+scanlations will go on Yaoi-Sei.com. I'm also setting up a Discord server that will have all the upcoming scans+scanlations, so it would…

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