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Another VP Doujin Haul

Latest Valkyrie Profile doujinshi haul. Kinda disappointing one too...Angel passed Children was 42 pages,but didn’t have much of a story to it. Just some random shorts, and a whole lot of author talk about various characters, and advertisements for circle work. Very let down. Valkyrie…

[doujinshi] Myakudachi

Myakudachi Quitting Drugs series: Devilman characters: Akira, Ryou artist/circle: Leg rating: G links: MF Notes: It's like there could have been sex in this, but there wasn't. It's still good. Feels like it could be in Shin Devilman or something lol A lot more…

VP Money Hungry (worksafe gag pages)

Sick with a bad case of Bronchitis…started poking around looking at my old translation attempts. I forgot how funny some of these random jokes pages could actually be! XD Though when I feel better, I want to translate the handwritten bubbles at the end too. Back when I first did this book, I…

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