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I give you.....PHOTOS!!!

So. We are all giggly-happy over Duncan's arrival. *We* won't get him until mid-September, of course, but the breeder has been happily sharing her photos with us. Since I know y'all are only here for puppy pictures, let's start with him: This was the first picture she sent me. Let's all say…

We are with Wolfhound.....

Duncan (working name) was born early early this morning. He and his 4 sisters are doing well, as is Mom. We ran out to peek this morning - oh my goodness is he the tiniest bit of Wolfhound I’ve ever seen! I did get to cuddle him - youngest puppy I’ve ever snuggled. The breeder thinks he’ll look…

All the dogs are old

We really have to face the fact that the dogs are all getting old. We started to notice Sai-Lup (literally: Tiny) walking with a limp (you can see in the photo as well, favouring his hind leg) so we took him to the vet. The diagnosis? He’s got a chronic situation - he must have injured…

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