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Doctor Who Drabble: Hinky

Title: Hinky Author: badly_knitted Characters: Donna Noble. Rating: G Written For: Challenge 265: Dig at dw100. Spoilers: Partners In Crime. Summary: Donna is determined to find out what’s going on at Adipose Industries. Disclaimer: I…

Doctor Who 11-6 Demons of the Punjab

Mmm, cake. Yazz wants to visit her gran when she was young to find out what the thing is that her gran doesn't want to talk about. Bit nosy Yazz. I want to see the Death Eye Turtle Army. "Don't call her a thing Graham." The Doctor is reluctantly persuaded to take Yazz to poke around in her…

Doctor Who

This was such an emotional episode.  Prem was incredibly brave. Umbreen is a strong woman. To face bigotry and hatered, but still live your life anyway. To loose your new husband like that... I hope that Yaz got that watch because Umbreen recognized older Yaz. Time travel never fully addresses…

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