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3x DnD Classes Ranked Worst to Best 50-41

40) BARBARIAN Great hit points. Rage is the best signature ability of the core mundanes. 49) SHADOWCASTER There are great ideas behind this class. In order to learn more advanced spells, you have to learn simpler versions of those advanced spells, and in…

Great Shields v 3.0

Only one special material Great Shield Tower Shield: Armor Shield Bonus Max Cow ACP Gold Cost Tower Shield +5 - -5 100 Giant pieces of wood or metal, tower shields offer tremendous protection. You may claim total cover whilst using a Tower Shield.…

Shields v 3.0

The big difference I made a here is that I made Crystal Shield boost psionics in addition to spell-like abilities, because psionic crystals are a thing. I also moved Crystal Shield from Greater Shield to regular Shield, so that Psionicists and Cenobites could use it. Buckler: Armor…

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