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Disneyland Advantage

So, something I didn't expect to be doing is visiting Disneyland in June. Usually I avoid this month because it kicks off the summer season and it gets packed. However, Galaxy's Edge opened on May 31st for reservations only until June 24th. We didn't get a reservation, but what I did come to find…

Trying To Make The Best Of A Packed Disneyland

We went to Disneyland yesterday, although it was a big pile of nope. Felt like a preview of what's to come once Galaxy's Edge opens very soon now. Yeah, not really expecting I'll actually get to really enjoy that section or even the rest of the park for a while now. And Disneyland is just so tiring…

Eating At Disneyland in 2019

We went to Disneyland yesterday to chow down on yummy foods as part of the Food and Wine Festival. But first I wanted to try to get on Monster's Inc. The line was long, so then we went to RSR where the single rider line was short. That was fun albeit somewhat cold. Then we were ready to eat.…

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