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Endo Appt and Vaccines Soon

I thought I'd give a "short" personal update this time. I had my semi-annual endo appointment on Wednesday. I got to go in person this time, which I was grateful for because I really do hate Zoom. No, I'm not as afraid of Covid as I used to be. Vaccines are rolling out, Grammy is fully vaccinated,…

...I see this all in you...

I realize that I never update LJ anymore and it makes me sad! I always think about it during the day but by the time I get home I don't have the energy! I don't turn my computer on much either so that doesn't help! 1. I have started working overtime at work! This means that I now work 30 hours…

Disney or Knott's quote

"Let the tourists have Disney. Knott's is for the locals." Eric Lynxwiler, historian for Knott's, Westways March/April 2020 p. 56

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