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Valentine's and the Chinese New Year at Disneyland

After being turned down a couple of times, we finally made it out to Disneyland yesterday. It was crowded, but we did quite a few rides, although they were mostly dark rides as the more popular rides had longer lines. But we had a pretty good time I'd say and observing the Valentine's Day…

Disneyland Nightmare

What happens when you're denied entry to the Mickey and Friends parking structure? A nightmare, that's what and that's exactly what happened to us when we tried to go to Disneyland yesterday. We were going to go on Tuesday, but my mom's back had been going out again so we pushed it up a day. So…

Sticky Toffee Pudding II

Yesterday was my last visit to Disneyland for the year. I was experiencing some sensory overload from the beginning, so I felt it was going to be an unpleasant experience, but it was OK as the day went on except for the extremely bright sun in your face, which was aggravating. I didn't know how the…

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