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After All My Years of Searching... The Doll of Wonders!

That's right friends, Andrina is here! Such bubble, very wrap. Well holo there! Aquata, who has ALL the bangs. Also, her hair curl is still perfect and I'm very proud. Arista, personal fav. Her hair is... not as impeccable. Attina, with a very big smile and a curled…

Thoughts on Sleeping Beauty

Is the best part of Sleeping Beauty when Phillip looks at Baby Aurora and is like, "No thanks." (No, the best part is when Maleficent has Phillip in chains and hits on him, but I digress). Also, did you know that Mary Costa (voice of Aurora) is still alive and kicking? I'm sure it…

Watching Snow White for only the third or fourth time in my life (which is very low for me and Disney movies). It's really grown on me as I've gotten older. I used to find Snow very irritating, but honestly, she's doing the best she can being in a fairy tale move from the 1930s. I can…

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