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DA: ep 20

Because these are the silly things my brain notices... So, in the last episode, Sora and co. arrived back in the real world at night on the third day while it was still daytime in the digital world. It was still daytime when they went with Leomon to infiltrate Valvemon. It is dusk when Velgemon…

Fandom and Original m/m Discord RP?

Hey, there, i'm looking for someone to RP some gay shenanigans on Discord with! I'd be looking for someone who wouldn't mind playing canon characters for m/m stiff in the following anime and game fandoms, my biggest cravings are starred of various levels, the more stars, the bigger the craving!…

m/m fandom and original RP over discord?

Hi there, I'm looking for some folks to RP some m/m gay stuff with who would be willing to play some canon fancrushes of mine from the following fandoms: Pokemon, Digimon, Inazuma Eleven, Free!, lots of sports anime in general, Vocaloid, My Hero Academia, plus some others! or failing that…

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